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Prepstart Lifestyles gives you the food, advice, and community support you need to achieve your goals. We do the meal planning, shopping, and cooking, so you can focus on everything else.

honey garlic salmon served with rice pilaf and pan seared asparagus

our chefs do the heavy lifting so you can relax.

Turkey burger, Low carb tortilla w/ signature sweet potato fries

dine in with us and enjoy what you eat

Steak, Broccolini, and Yummy Mashed Cauliflower

lunch doesn’t get any better than this

Voted Best Health Food Store Again

Voted Best Health Food Store

Best Meal Prep near me in Killen TX

Voted One Of The Best Health Food Stores

Voted Best Health & Fitness Company

How Prepstart Lifestyles Works

Stay on track with healthy, fresh meals delivered directly to your door.

Finally take control of your diet with science backed meal plans.


No minimums or maximums we make it simple to stay interested and engaged with our open menu concept choose from over 30+ items to stay active and engaged!


Our company says “Our Healthy Isn’t Boring” don’t believe the hype we eat for enjoyment and for the gains. Our meal prep is made with quality ingredients that keep you coming back for more.


We make it simple by labeling each container with the major macronutrients (calories,protein,carbs,fat) with lean protein, complex carb and veggies to assist in digestion in each meal!


From chefs to certified personal trainers and nutritionist we’ve got the right staff around us to make sure you reach your goals!

Why choose us for your healthy meal prep foods

What Prep Food is all about in Killeen TX

Healthy Foods

Empowering you to live a healthy lifestyle with quality foods. When you crave wholesome, homemade meals but don’t have the time for daily cooking, we make things easy. 90-minute cooking session gives you a variety of flavorful meals with multiple servings each. Take them to work, reheat them at home—do what works for you.

We Are Quality Meal Prep Company

Have peace of mind by staying in touch with us. Have questions or concerns? No problem, we are here for you. Just contact us!

Healthy Breakfast

Our super healthy breakfast meal prep options make weekday mornings a breeze! Whether you’re meal prepping for weight loss or simply to have more time in the morning.

Quality Prep Foods

Feel the satisfaction (guaranteed!) of complete customer care, great products, bountiful options, and happy taste buds.

Weekly Meal Prep Foods

Save time and reduce stress knowing that you’ll receive the best of our products and services time and time again. We provide excellent Weekly Meal Prep Foods

Meal Prep For Weight Loss

Meal prep is a simple and easy way to track your food intake. Whether you just want to stay away from over-processed foods and eat healthy to build muscle, lose weight, or simply feel better, meal prep is a great idea!

Who is Prepstart for?

Prepstart is designed for the everyday hardworking citizen who spends their day on the go with little to no time to eat! With a ton of options all you need is a microwave and 1 minute and 30 seconds and you’re on your way to a successful healthy day!

You want to look good not only on the outside but feel good on the inside!

You’re a clean eater who desires quality ingredients.

You want to become the best version of yourself and you need a meal plan that supports that.

You’re busy with life and have a growing to do list that makes meal planning a difficult task.

Regularly meal prepping helps ensure that you get enough fruits and vegetables in your diet as well as lean proteins and whole grains. You can easily combine these foods into nutritious, balanced meals that will keep you feeling full while providing long-lasting energy throughout the day. Plus, being able to take meals with you wherever you go prevents impromptu trips to fast food restaurants or other unhealthy options because they tend to be filled with empty calories that don’t provide many nutrients.

Results You Can See

Our clients are truly seeing life-changing results. Our macro-balanced meals are made with premium ingredients! Our highly trained staff guarantees a unique customer experience, and stands behind the freshness and quality of our food. We make ordering simple if you have questions just reach out to any of our team members and we’ll handle the rest!


Prepared meals are considered good for various reasons such as:

  1. Convenience: Prepared meals save time and effort in grocery shopping, meal planning, and cooking.
  2. Healthy options: Many prepared meal providers offer healthy and balanced options, with precise portion control and nutritious ingredients.
  3. Variety: Prepared meal plans can offer a variety of cuisines and dishes, catering to different taste preferences and dietary requirements.
  4. Saves money: Preparing meals at home can be more cost-effective than eating out, especially when considering the cost of ingredients, equipment, and time.
  5. Reduce food waste: Prepared meals come in portion-controlled packages, reducing the chance of cooking too much food that goes to waste.

Overall, prepared meals can be a great option for those who lead busy lives and are looking for convenient, healthy, and cost-effective meal solutions.

Prepared meals in Killeen, Texas are important for several reasons:

  1. Busy lifestyles: With many residents leading busy lives, prepared meals provide a convenient and time-saving solution for meals.
  2. Health and nutrition: Prepared meals can offer healthy and nutritious options, helping residents maintain a balanced diet, even with a busy schedule.
  3. Accessibility: Prepared meals are widely available in Killeen, making it easy for residents to access healthy, convenient food options.
  4. Catering to different needs: Prepared meals in Killeen cater to a variety of dietary requirements and taste preferences, making it easy for everyone to find something they like.

Overall, prepared meals are an important aspect of the food culture in Killeen TX, providing residents with convenient, healthy, and diverse meal options.

Answers, at your fingertips

How can we help you? Search our FAQs or contact our support team via chat here or email us [email protected]

About Prepstart Lifestyles

Storage and Heating


Grab & Go

How Does Your Company Work?

Prepstart Lifestyles is a full scale meal prep company and health food restaraunt. We offer online ordering where you can choose from 1-35 menu options, we do have a 24 hour turnaround on meals. We also have our Grab & Go section in store as well as Grab & Go locations inside of other stores. Just come in and choose from freshly prepared meals with the macros labeled on the top and an expiration date. Lastly we offer a dine in option with freshly made health food to order, this is a traditional sit down service we offer for you.

Why Choose Prepstart Lifestyles?

Prepstart Lifestyles was created with you in mind. We created our meal prep company with the thought of busy moms, tired dads, busy teachers, soldiers seeking structred meals, body builders achieving their goals and more. Our team has certified nutritonist designed to help everyone at every level. We created a healthy brand that can be as strict as the body builders need but as simple as the person who just wants overall healthier eating.

Where Are Your Meals Made?

Prepstart Lifestyles is located in Killeen,TX at 1103 W Veterans Memorial Blvd 76541 St 107

What is the turnaround on orders placed online?

Our goal is to process and create all orders within a 24 hour window, this is to ensure quality and freshness for every order.

Does Your Company Offer Delivery?

Prepstart Lifestyles does offer delivery within a 10 mile radius using our partner company favor. We do also offer in house delivery on scheduled days for those outside of the 10 mile radius. If you live outside of the delivery radius you must email us as at [email protected] or call us at 254-394-0124. Prepstart Lifestyles is also available on DoorDash.

Does Your Company Offer Plant Based Nutrition?

Prepstart Lifestyles does offer plant based nutrition, while it is not listed on our website we do offer vegan and vegatarian options that can be placed as custom orders. If you are looking for vegan or vegatarian meals please email us at [email protected] or call us at 254-394-0124

Does Your Company Create Custom Meal Plans?

Prepstart Lifestyles will create our clients custom meal plans, we have a 24-48 hour turnaround meal plan turnaround. We also macro all of our meals in the stores as well so that if you already have a meal plan you can fit our meals into your macros.

How Long Do Your Meals Last

Prepstart Lifestyles preps our meals on a 5 day schedule to maintain the highest quality and freshness. You can freeze your meals for up to 4 months safely from our companies RND. Our reccomendation is to follow the dates we place on each meal.

How long should I heat my meal up before eating?

Our team recommends heating your meals for 1-2 minutes prior to eating. For meals with rice we have a trick and hack that helps keep your rice soft. Take a damp paper towel and place it over your rice and you will have a much higher quality everytime. Please remember some stirring may be required.

How Do I know When My Meals Were Made?

We always label our food with the dates they expire and we operate on a 5 day schedule so always subtract 5 days from the date on your meals.

Does Your Company Offer Subscriptions or Bulk Pricing?

Prepstart Lifestyles does offer a subscription program with a 10% discount built in. You would sign up for the Weekly Bundle Pack Program and you would need to set the delivery dates that you would like your meals to be made on a weekly basis. If you would like to customize your subscription please feel free to contact our team at [email protected]. Please also note we offer weekly, or bi-weekly subscriptions.

Can I choose my meals for my subscription?

Yes, at Prepstart Lifestyles the choice is yours. Choose from any of our meal prep items and we can create a custom subscription for you as well. We also have the option for you to build your own bundle pack. This is a special request that to be sent to [email protected]

Can I create custom meals that are not listed on the website in a subscription?

No, unfortunately we do not offer custom meals as subscription options at this this time. We are working to integrate this service into our main source of business.

How Do your Grab & Go Work?

Our grab and go is simple, you can come into our storefront located at 1033 S Fort St St #300 Killeen,TX 76541 or you can visit on ouf our Grab & Go satellite locations.

When is Your Grab & Go Avaliable?

Our Grab & Go is avaliable Monday through Thursday from 10AM-6PM and on Sundays from 12pm to 4pm

How many Grab & Go Locations Do You Have?

We currently have two grab and go locations with the goals of reaching more.

Can I place my order and have it sent to a different location?

Yes you can place your order online and have it sent to one of our grab & go locations especially if our hours of operation effect your ordering.

Still, have questions?

Give us a call at (254) 394-0124 to talk to one of our nutrition experts.

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